Past the Hour

2h 15min   |   ENGLISH

| Subtiles Korean/Chinese/Japanese

| Director/Script Seewoo Kim

| DOP Damien Beebe

All suicides are tragic..

There should always be hope of preventing a tragic death.. there is help.. there is hope..

Preventing suicide.. It’s the gift of a lifetime!

A film that covers the most vulnerable moments of a persons life and the consequences of their actions.

The film on the one side focuses on the growing trend of people who choose the ultimate road to suicide as the last resort as a solution to their life problems and on the other tries to provide a view that no matter what, life is still worth living.

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Past the Hour

The beauty of the Independent Film is its freedom to explore subject matters and topics without being tied to traditional story-telling, to go beyond the conventional in order to bring to the screen a worthy production, enhancing and shedding light on the chosen topics with a fresh approach.

Commercial films must focus on generating profit and in so doing they risk enslavement to materials that sell and appeal to the wide audience. With no national boundaries in the use of computer graphics in SF films, exploiting beautiful young naked bodies from every angle or use of violent or uncensored stimulating materials, those themes attract major funding bodies and appeal to the greater audience. As a result, the themes that are explored by the film makers may become limited, narrow, confined in genre and eventually in the overall artistic value.

With the independence to stray from convention in this low budget feature film, Life Time, we hope to capture the audience with a captivating story, artistically captured and shed light on a taboo topic that is gripping many developed counties at an alarming rate.