Indian Pink

2h 15min   |   KOREAN

| Subtiles English/Chinese/Japanese

| Director/Script Seewoo Kim

| DOP: Damien Beebe

| Diamond Laurels Winner

An experimental piece with K-pop star Kim Hyun-joong, delving deep into the mind of a man and its ugly truths. A man unable to come to grips with a relationship that has broken down and his slow and tragic spiral down into madness that consumes him with horrendous consequence.

A man enters a dark living room. Man sighs in desperation in the dark. Fear is suffocating the man, he cannot forget his departed lover and collapses in heart wrenching agony. Man loses his mind and hangs himself by the neck but fais. When the body of a naked woman pops out of the cabinet in the master bedroom, the man reveals the ugly demonic nature to protect himself.

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JANG NONG (Indian Pink)

People lead their own private lives. We live with material wealth, social status, honour and love in our hearts. The movie begins and ends like a single play. Wealth and honour in society, and love and life! Man feels comfortable with everything he has when suddenly his lover leaves him, the man finds himself on the threshold of despair after the harsh farewell from his lover.

The woman wants to leave, but cannot leave. Her body is stuffed into the man's closet after the choking death. Man has killed the woman, and he uses every means possible to cover up the murder. To protect what he has, he conceals the murder. The man has wealth and honour in the society, and he reveals his ugly demonic nature to keep his way of life. To what extent are humans capable of wearing the mask of innocense?