We are a film contents company based in Seoul Korea with a sister company based in Sydney Australia. Since 2018 we have produced three feature dramas, a feature documentary and a feature musical movie with locations in China and Korea. We are diverse in our working scope but we specialize in musical films and social issue dramas. Our core production team is from Korea, China and Australia and hence we can liaise fluently with international clients, actors and staff. Our scope of production is not confined to Korea and Asia. We have production experience in Korea, Japan, China and Australia. We are striving for international content that can bring the globe together to create art and commerce.


The company is committed to cultivating the cultural exchange between Korea and the World through film media and performance art. In particular, we aspire to act as a medium to promote Korean art form and culture to the world. A parallel objective of the organization is to concentrate on the artistic quality of the art form, to cultivate and maintain the virtue of the true art, while seeking and experimenting with original themes. Our main focus is the production of original musical movies with social issues as central theme. As a natural consequence of the organization’s various quests, ninetales will be in continuous search of talent in the international film industry and in cultivating and harnessing those talents for the benefit of developing and supporting the film and performance industry in Korea and worldwide.


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Seewoo Kim


Damien Beebe


Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks


Joe Priestley

Technical Director