On the Edge

2h 15min   |   KOREAN

| Subtiles English/Chinese/Japanese

| Director/Script Seewoo Kim

| Actor: Park Yu-chun(K-POP Idol)

“Be wary then. Best safety lies in fear.”

Story of a man caught between wealth, power and his conscience. Story of a woman caught in the underbelly of hell on earth. Fate has brought them together and they stand facing eachother in a desperate struggle for their lives.

Living on the edge.

Those who have.. want more, those who do not have need more, 

Taehong and Hongdan are looking towards the lighthouse.

Taehong's lighthouse is a safe haven and the light for a new life, Hongdan's lighthouse was a life-threatening obstacle.

However, the lighthouse must have its lights.

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On the Edge

Starring K-POP idol star Park Yu-chun as his debut return to the big screen. Taehong is a doctor married into an aristocratic conglomerate family. One day he finds himself trapped in an old decrepit room. His wife, his friends, the media, police, gangsters, and pimps all coerce to destroy Taehong. A prostitute who happens to enter the room helps Taehong to escape, but soon realizes there is nowhere in the world where they can go. Hongdan escapes to China with her family as a child to be free from a desperate life, but after being trafficked and sold she becomes pregnant and gives birth to her daughter. Hongdan defects to South Korea to pay for her daughter's surgery from a serious illness, but falls deeper into a wretched life selling her body. Hongdan is offered money for her daughter’s surgery if she kills Taehong. Hongdan and Taehong face each other in their desperate lives at the edges into hell.