Kingdom of Darkness

2h 15min   |   KOREAN

| Subtiles English/Chinese/Japanese

| Director/Script Seewoo Kim

| Musical Film

Turandot - Kingdom of Darkness

An adaptation of the world-renowned opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini famous for its aria 'Nessum Dorma'.

An original fantastical scenario with a fantasia theme set in darkness as the title suggests and complete originally composed music and songs. The first ever Korean production of a musical film in Korean history.

Script and scenario completely re-written by director Seewoo Kim and adapted for film. Backdrop setting location in the beautiful picturesque island of Jeju and the volcanic rock museum park and micheongul caves. The beautiful sunrise shot from the renowned lovers beach at goseong-ri gwangchigi beach.

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TURANDOT - Kingdom of Darkness

The enchanting tranquil Kingdom of the sea was renowned for the world's most beautiful princess Lou-Ling. One day, a strange evil spirit appeares and proposes to princess Lou-Ling but the princess refused the evil spirit. The evil spirit then violates princess Lou-Ling and later the saddest princess in the world Lou-Ling dies while giving birth to her daughter. A baby with an ice-cold heart is born and the evil spirit names the baby Turandot. The evil spirit then curses the world and turns it into a pitch black darkness where the sun does not shine. Growing up in the 'kingdom of darkness', Turandot like her mother princess Lou-Ling is blessed with the most alluring beauty and is sort by many suitors. Turandot proclaims as a condition to accepting any proposal from a stranger, the suitor must first solve three riddles. Countless men took to the challenge to solve the riddles but all have failed and have all been turned into rocks and died. Common people were becoming devastated and dying because of the darkness that enshrouds the lands. Peoples suffering cannot end because of Turandot’s ice-cold heart and the futile efforts to end the curse.